A Look At The Present – Walking again with a walker

A LOOK IN THE PRESENT – Due to my falling more frequently recently and the risks of my seriously hurting myself from a fall my physician has ordered that I return to using a walker when I am out or a cane at the very least, depending on how my head feels and I feel, and whether I am alone or not. I am not thrilled about the walker idea again; however, neither does the idea of having a fractured hip or a concussion or worse thrill me. So, go with wisdom and follow the counsel of my good doctor who has cared for me and about me for years and still does. It is going to seem strange using a walker again though. Life is what it is. God is God and is good and His plans for us are good so I trust Him and what He is doing in my life…and as I stated earlier…God willing Matt and I will be going on another missions trip soon to glorify our God, preach the Gospel that souls be saved and do as much good as we humanly can do to help with some of the needs we see that needs to be met.

A Look Back – “Why I Walk” The book published about my Brain Tumor Walk


A LOOK BACK IN TIME – WHY I WALK – is the title of the book that was published about my Brain Tumor Awareness Walk and concern for the poor and needy in our world. I walked in over 100 cities along the East Coast of the US with a walker. I wanted to walk across the US and back but my first really major seizure in Birmingham Alabama put an end to my walk. I felt sad, but I could not continue on, or the outcome for my health might have been worse. But God blessed, a lot of copies of the book were sold and funds raised and the book ministered to a lot of people and helped encourage them. God is good. The book was published by Kallisti Publishing in Wilkes Barre PA. #WhyIWalk #HaroldCameron #HaroldSays #CaringForThePoor #KallistiPublishing

Company/People Praise – Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Florence

The rate for the night was reasonable. The staff were friendly and the room was very clean and attractive. The breakfast was good and adequate. We did have a couple of issues with our stay at the hotel; however, I voiced them to the manager and they were resolved to my satisfaction. If you ever stay at this hotel, or any hotel or motel, and you have a concern or issue address it with the staff and management right away before when it happens. Do not wait until after you leave. Just as at this hotel, I am sure the manager and the staff will promptly to all they can to accommodate and help you.
For more info about the hotel click on the following link: http://www.microtelinn.com/hotels/south-carolina/florence/microtel-inn-and-suites-florence/hotel-overview?hotel_id=28773&wid=fe:mt:20160201:tabl:pp:mtus:28773

O That God May Revive Us


O may God revive us as His people…that we will live and die for Christ. That we will not be silent, nor shrink back from speaking the truth in love to those who so desperately need to hear it in our generation. We need to Biblically address the implications and ramifications of our postmodern secular worldview that is so prominent in our world today…and sadly that has even entered what is referred to as “the church.” The hour is so late. The thunder of God’s imminent judgment is rolling in the distance and sadly so many professing Christians are living life “going along to get along.” Souls are perishing! O wake up from your sleep you sleepy lethargic Christians. Wake up and wholly follow Christ before it is too late.



O if only professing believers in Jesus Christ understood and expressed real Biblical forgiveness towards one another; forgiveness with no strings or conditions attached. Real, Christlike forgiveness. What a difference it would make in our personal lives, homes, churches, and communities. God have mercy on us and help us to forgive one another as Christ has forgiven us.


First, a thank you to all of you who have prayed for, helped and supported the advocacy/ministry services that I provide over the past years. Please note the following financial update for April-May 2016 at my developing website…

The most important thing you can do is pray; however, if you are able to and want to assist me in some practical/financial way, I would be most grateful. Please contact me at the email address provided for more information as to how you can help. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your support. God bless you.

PRODUCT SAFETY RECALLS – 3 Products Recalled by the CPSC

The following products have been recalled by the CPSC due to safety issues. If you have purchased one of the following products please contact the company either for a replacement or a refund.

  1. Rainbow Play Systems Reannounces Recall of Plastic Yellow Trapeze Rings Due to Low Response Rate; Manufactured by Nylacarb
  1. GolfBuddy GPS Bands Recalled by Deca International Due to Burn Hazard
  1. IKEA Recalls Children’s Bat Cape Costumes Due to Strangulation Hazard

If you are a consumer with a complaint, issue or a question with a government agency or corporation please contact me by email at haroldcameron@haroldcameron.com or by cell at (267) 357-1292 and I will determine if there is anything I might be able to do to assist you.

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Potential Terrorist Attacks Targeting the International Community

U.S. Embassy Bamako, Mali Security Message for U.S. Citizens
Potential Terrorist Attacks Targeting the International Community
April 8, 2016

The U.S. Embassy in Bamako has received information concerning threats of potential terrorist attacks targeting locations associated with the international community throughout Mali. ‎

Please join me in fervent prayer for our brothers and sisters and loved ones in Mali and Bamako as well as around the world. Pray for their protection as well as for their endurance in the faith amidst such terrifying trials. And pray for the terrorists that they will get truly saved.

GOVERNMENT AGENCY/PEOPLE PRAISE – Officials at Gov Tom Wolf’s Office and at PennDot

Oh WOW! Amazing is an understatement regarding what God and men have done together to help a young woman, a citizen of NEPA, who desperately needed and deserved help…(and in a personal and prompt response to prayer to God in Jesus name on her behalf. Our God is an awesome prayer hearing, prayer answering God!
I became aware of a situation that required a prompt and positive response on behalf of a young woman living in NEPA. So, I reached out to Governor Tom Wolf’s office as well as officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on her behalf. And praise the Lord! I high level official from PennDot responded. Thank you to any and all in Governor Tom Wolf’s office, as well as in the PA Department of Transportation, especially  J. N., the high level official at the department who responded personally to help her, as she got exactly the help she needed in a prompt and timely fashion. Also a huge thank you to the official at the Dunmore PA location who was so kind and patient with her, helping her to get done what she needed to. Thank you God and thank you all and Mr. N. for your kind assistance on behalf of a young woman from NEPA. I thank God for you and your kindness. Now she can move on in a positive way in her life in freedom looking ahead with hope for much better days to come.

If you are a consumer/citizen in need of assistance with a corporation or a government agency – you have a complaint, issue or question, please email me the details at haroldcameron@haroldcameron.com and I will determine what I might be able to do to help you.


The following 3 items were recalled by the CPSC due to safety reasons today. If you have purchased any of the recalled products please click on the link to be directed to the page that will tell you what to do to get a replacement or refund.

  1. Manhattan Toy Recalls Table Top Toys Due to Choking Hazard
  1. CE North America Expands Recall of Fan Heaters Due to Fire Hazard; Sold Exclusively at H-E-B
  1. Gamewell-FCI Recalls Fire Alarm Panels Due to Failure to Alert of a Fire, Smoke or CO